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Behavior and Ethology | Biology


This study describes the vocal repertoire of the Guyanan golden rocket frog, Anomaloglossus beebei, a bromeliad specialist with biparental care. Using multivariate analyses of nine call properties, as well as the occurrence of nonlinear phenomena, three signal types were distinguished—advertisement, courtship, and aggressive calls. Although all three call types were composed of a short series of rapidly repeated pulses, advertisement calls were produced at higher amplitudes and had longer pulse durations than both courtship calls and aggressive calls. Courtship calls exhibited lower dominant frequencies than both advertisement and aggressive calls, which had similar dominant frequencies. Aggressive calls had more pulses per call, had longer intervals between calls, and occasionally contained one or two introductory pulses preceding the pulsed call. Several acoustic properties predicted aspects of the signaler's body size and condition. Our study demonstrates the reliability of human observers to differentiate the multiple call types of A. beebei based on hearing calls and observing the social context in which they are produced under field conditions.


DOI: 10.1121/1.4714769