Vase 5 (ART 319


Vase 5 (ART 319 "Print or Die" Assignment)


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For this "Print or Die" assignment, ART 319 students first used the CSB/SJU Media Services' Creative Lab to design and print eight different 3D models of dynamic forms (vases). Each student then selected one of these eight models to serve as inspiration in making hand built ceramic vessels.

Sam Johnson, the instructor of ART 319 (Intermediate/Advanced Ceramics), explains his reasoning for the assignment below:

"Design concepts are often limited to conventional notions of production. Whether they these are practical limitations or limitations of imagination, the resulting forms remain within set parameters. This assignment intends to help students reimaging how work can be made by freeing the design concept from the student's facility with forming clay. It also aims to draw out the relationship and conflict that exists between design and formation; students will work to recreate a 3D printed form, but when doing so, will discover how clay (as material) influences the expressive potential of an object."

Publication Date

Spring 2015


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Vase 5 (ART 319