Where Are We Headed? Strategic Plan 2020 with Presidents Dr. Mary Hinton & Dr. Michael Hemesath

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As part of Family Weekend 2015, CSB President Mary Hinton and SJU President Michael Hemesath share an outline of the CSB/SJU Strategic Plan 2020. Much about the world around us has changed since we adopted the last strategic plan, Strategic Directions 2015. Today, nearly all colleges and universities must address complex and disruptive demographic, economic, and cultural forces that have converged and crystallized in recent years. While these forces historically have influenced higher education, the pace of change and their impact has accelerated, reshaping the landscape for college and universities everywhere. Students and families expectations for an extraordinary learning experience will continue to be high, at the same time their concerns about cost may be growing. This meeting is to discuss how CSB/SJU are prepared to meet those challenges.

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