Politics of Latin America: The Power Game (5th edition)


Politics of Latin America: The Power Game (5th edition)


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Now in its fifth edition, Politics of Latin America explores both the evolution and the current state of politics in Latin America. Distinguishing itself from more traditional works on the subject, this unique text demonstrates a nuanced sensitivity to the use and abuse of power and the importance of social conditions, gender, race, globalization, class, and political economy throughout Latin America.

The first part of the text features thematic chapters that outline the region's geographic setting, history, economics, society, gender, race, and religion, setting the stage for a more detailed analysis of the politics, democratization, political culture, political movements, and revolution in Latin America, along with U.S.-Latin American relations. The second part of the book consists of carefully constructed case studies of ten representative Latin American nations: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Each case study traces the historical and political development of key actors and institutions, analyzing contemporary power configurations.

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Politics of Latin America: The Power Game (5th edition)