'Damn it Johnny, stop!': Real Life 101 Evaluating an Educational Approach to Treating Men Who Batter

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Ralph Holcomb


A feminist Theory is an effective perspective from which to develop programs for treating men who batter. The feminist perspective takes into consideration possible societal, familial, economic, and judicial influences which perpetuate male violence in American society. The feminist analysis of domestic violence contends that violence is a learned behavior. Using a feminist orientation, the St. Cloud (MN) Intervention Project ( SCIP) conducts large group educational programs for male batterers. SCIP was interested in testing their program to determine if it significantly reduced incidents of abuse in the relationships of participants. The partners (N=21) of the participants were given a pre-test concurrent with intake, and post-test when the program was completed. Significant reductions in batterer¹s violent behavior between pre- and post-tests (p<.05) were found in all categories surveyed.

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