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Current Issue: Volume 87, Issue 4 (2015)

Clinker site along U.S. Hwy 191 is the result of a coal seam fire which has pyro-metamorphosed the surrounding shales as the coal is consumed. Photo by Larry Davis.



Field and Petrographic Analysis of the Indian Peak-Caliente Caldera Complex at Condor and English Canyons in Eastern Nevada
Brennan Brunsvik, Chesley Gale, Mackenzie Cope, Jack Petersen, Sarah Zdanowski, Chapman White, Westan Robertson, Kate Kupfer, Spencer McConkie, Stevie McDermaid, Austin Bruckner, Jeff C.E. Yon, Jason Kaiser, and John S. MacLean

Clinker Site along U.S. Hwy 191


Larry E. Davis
Aaron W. Johnson
James C. Walters